Attract and Retain Top Talent at Your Company

Attract and Retain Top Talent at Your Company

Speak with an HR payroll and benefits specialist.

Your business can't thrive without a skilled workforce. Whether you need help hiring new talent or keeping current employees onboard, HR Consulting Services, LLC can be of service. We work with all the job boards and have discounted, negotiated pricing for advertising. We can work with your team to devleop compansation plans, professional development programs, and retention strategies, as well as many other programs and solutions. Our SHRM certified consultatns have extensive benefits knowledge, and we partner with the One Digital (formerly Kistler Tiffany Benefits) to secure the best benefits packages and plan pricing available.

We'll help you grown your team and provide all the resources needed to keep them happy. Plus, we'll make it easier for you to manage employee information. Learn more by meeting with our employee benefits consultant today.

Keep track of essential employee information

Managing a growing staff can be a job in itself, but HR Consulting Services can help you with the details. Our employee benefits consultants will assist by...

  • Recruiting talented additions to your team
  • Managing a timekeeping system for additional job numbers
  • Establishing your employee benefit packages
  • Processing biweekly or monthly payroll
  • Maintaining organized employee records

You'll be able to manage any size staff with our assistance. Meet with our HR payroll and benefits specialist today.